Why I Write...

People always ask, why do I write? That’s simple.

As a child, I can still remember crowding around our black and white television

with my brothers and sister, anxiously awaiting the annual Wizard of Oz movie.

I was petrified of the flying monkeys and the wicked witch’s scary face, and that voice, but I was perplexed by the narrator at the beginning when he told viewers the first half of the movie would look different than the second.

Ours never did—not until our black and white television died and our parents bought a colored one. (After much deliberation, I must add!)

Then, I understood. And that’s what writing has done for me; put the color in my life. It’s the gift I give myself, and it is the gift I wish to share with you… in full blown color.


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How many days until Christmas?

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Pretending to be someone I’m not

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For years, when someone asked me what I wrote, I fidgeted, cleared my throat,...

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My Mother’s $125 Apple Pie

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My Mother and Technology

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My mother hates technology. She doesn’t have a cellphone, doesn’t have a...

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My Mother is a Character

Posted by on Aug 31, 2014 | 6 comments

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